A-Frame House Extensions for your dream home in Melbourne

Nestled among the picturesque landscapes of Melbourne, A-frame houses stand as symbols of rustic charm and cosy living. These triangular dwellings, characterised by their steeply pitched roofs and open floor plans, evoke a sense of connection to nature and offer a tranquil retreat. For those fortunate enough to call an A-frame house their home, the desire to expand their living space without compromising the unique character of their residence often arises.

The Architectural Style of A-frame House Extensions

A-frame house extensions aim to seamlessly blend with the existing architectural style, preserving the rustic charm and natural aesthetic that define these beloved dwellings. Careful consideration is given to maintaining the triangular roofline, large windows, and open-concept design, ensuring that the extension complements the original structure and enhances its functionality.

Types of A-frame Home Extensions

Extending your home allows you to expand your living space, improve functionality, and elevate your lifestyle. Extensions come in a variety of home styles and configurations, each offering unique advantages and suited for specific purposes.

Single-Storey Extension

A ground-floor extension is a versatile and popular choice for homeowners seeking to add more space. These extensions seamlessly blend with the existing structure, often in the form of a side or rear extension. Their primary advantage lies in providing additional ground floor living space in an A-frame style, catering to a variety of needs, including:
  • Creating an Extra Bedroom: A ground floor extension can provide the perfect solution, accommodating a new bedroom with ample space for sleeping, storage, and personal belongings.
  • Establishing a Home Office: With the rise of remote work, a dedicated home office has become an essential space. A single-storey extension can provide a tranquil and well-equipped workspace, ensuring focus and productivity.
  • Enlarging Living Areas: Craving more open-plan living spaces for social gatherings and family bonding? Expand your living room, dining area, or kitchen for a sense of spaciousness and connection.

Double-Storey Extension

An upper-storey extension offers maximum space expansion, adding living areas to both the first floor and the second floor. A two-storey extension is particularly well-suited for larger homes and families seeking substantial space gains. The benefits of double-storey extensions include:
  • Creating a Master Suite: Elevate your living experience with a luxurious master suite, incorporating a spacious bedroom, an opulent ensuite bathroom, and a walk-in closet.
  • Adding a Bedroom: A growing young family or frequent guests can be accommodated with an additional bedroom, providing comfort and privacy for all occupants.
  • Establishing a Home Office and Living Space: Combine the functionality of a home office with a dedicated living area. This allows for a versatile space that can transition from work to relaxation.


The A-frame Home Extension Process

Collaborating with Extensions Unlimited ensures a smooth and successful A-frame home extension process. The process typically involves:

Initial consultation

Our experienced team takes the time to understand your vision, lifestyle requirements, and budgetary constraints. This collaborative approach ensures that the extension aligns with your aspirations and integrates with the existing structure of your home. The initial meeting with your professional home extension designer is at no charge. At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss your thoughts, ideas and requirements with our house extension expert.

Concept design

The creativity and attention to detail that our designers display in their work will make you delighted. All their ideas are based on what you want out of your addition. We want to ensure that you love your new extension and get the most functionality possible out of it. This means we might suggest a tweak here or there to maximise the features of your home, or to allow better movement and liveability throughout the space. But we will always listen to you fully before making our comments.


Drawing on their wealth of knowledge and experience our team can make informed suggestions and give great advice and feedback regarding the viability and indicative costs of the house extension being discussed before you consider moving forward with more formal designs and costings.

Council approval for planning permissions

At this planning stage, we organise compliance for all building regulations from your council. They will require building permits, as well as a host of reports including soil reports and bushfire reports, amongst others. We’ll get approval for your house addition by directly negotiating with the council on your behalf. We’ll also take care of any fees necessary to meet all council requirements. All this is fully covered in the fixed price for your renovation.

Construction phase

You will be excited to see your new house extension gradually come to life in the construction stage. We ensure all our tradespeople are fully trained and have completed an occupational health and safety course. All our constructions are regularly inspected by independent surveyors who issue reports during the progress of the works, as well as a final certificate upon completion. All our electricians and plumbers are fully certified and licensed to ensure the highest calibre of work. Our company project managers are qualified professionals who are always available for you if you have questions. Any required scaffolding will be erected by qualified riggers to ensure safety for you and your family. Company tarpaulins are also used to protect your home and the new addition.


Once the construction is complete, you can start enjoying the new space and improved lifestyle that your extension provides. The extension stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of an A-frame House Extension

Adding an extension with an A-frame style to your existing home can bring a multitude of benefits that enhance your living experience, boost the value of your property, and cater to your lifestyle needs.

Increased Space

One of the most compelling benefits of an A-frame addition is the ability to alleviate spatial constraints and create much-needed extra floor space. Whether you’re seeking an additional bedroom to accommodate a growing family, a dedicated home office to support remote work arrangements or a larger living area for social gatherings and shared activities, a well-designed extension can seamlessly integrate with your existing house, providing the space you need to live comfortably and fulfil your lifestyle aspirations.

Improved Lifestyle

A home extension not only expands your living space but also elevates your lifestyle by enhancing functionality and comfort. By creating open-plan layouts that maximise natural light flow, incorporating A-frame amenities and fixtures, and thoughtfully integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, a well-executed extension can transform your home.

Increased Value

A well-conceived extension can significantly increase the value of your property, making it a sound investment for the future. By expanding the usable square footage, improving the overall aesthetics and functionality of your home, and enhancing its appeal to potential buyers, successful A-frame extensions can boost your property’s value, potentially yielding substantial returns when it comes time to sell.

Strategic Design Decisions

Extensions Unlimited helps you make strategic design decisions that resonate with current market trends and buyer preferences to maximise the value and desirability of your home. This could include incorporating features such as skylights for natural light, open kitchens or adding bathrooms, and spacious living room that cater to contemporary lifestyles.

Seamless Integration

A well-designed home extension seamlessly integrates with the existing style of your home, creating a cohesive aesthetic that appeals to potential buyers. Extensions Unlimited’s team of experienced designers carefully selects materials, colours, and architectural elements that harmonise with the character of your A-frame home, ensuring a seamless transition between the old and new.

Outdoor Integration

Creating a connection between your extension and outdoor spaces enhances the overall appeal and livability of your home. Extensions Unlimited can assist you in incorporating features such as decks, patios, or courtyards that extend your living space outdoors, creating a harmonious transition between the interior and exterior.

FAQs about A-frame house extensions

What are the benefits of adding an A-frame house extension to my home?

Adding an extension can bring numerous benefits to your home, including:

  • Increased Space: A well-planned extension can provide much-needed extra space, whether you’re looking to add an extra bedroom, a home office, or a larger living area.
  • Improved Lifestyle: An A-frame extension can enhance the functionality and comfort of your home, allowing you to create a more open-plan and inviting living space.
  • Enhanced Value: A well-designed and executed extension can add significant value to your property, making it a sound investment for the future.

What types of A-frame house extensions are available?

A-frame additions to your home come in various styles and configurations to suit different needs and preferences. Some popular options include:

  • Single-Storey Extensions: These extensions add space to the ground floor, ideal for creating an extra bedroom, a home office, or expanding your living area.
  • Two-Storey Extensions: These extensions provide additional space on both the ground floor and the upper floor, suitable for creating a master suite, an additional bedroom, or a home office.

How much does an A-frame house extension cost?

The cost of an extension varies depending on factors such as the size, complexity, and materials used. Our team can provide feedback regarding the viability and indicative costs of the house extension being discussed before you consider moving forward with more formal designs and costings.

Do I need planning permission for an A-frame house extension?

We’ll get approval for your renovation by directly negotiating with the local council on your behalf. We’ll also take care of any fees necessary to meet all council requirements. All this is fully covered in the fixed price for your renovation.

What are some key considerations for integrating an A-frame house extension with the existing style of my home?

Ensuring your A-frame extension seamlessly blends with the existing style of your home requires careful consideration of several factors:

  1. Material Selection: Choose materials that harmonise with the overall aesthetic of your home. Consider the colour palette, textures, and finishes used in the original structure to create a cohesive look.
  2. Architectural Harmony: Respect the architectural style of your home by ensuring the extension’s design and proportions align with the existing structure.
  3. Transitional Flow: Create a seamless transition between the old and new by carefully designing the connection points between the extension and the original house.
  4. Expert Guidance: Consult with our designer specialising in blending A-frame design elements.


We would like to express our gratitude to you & your team for your recently completed Project of a second storey addition to our existing weatherboard home. From our first meeting with the Designer, we were confident in his enthusiasm for the business & his passion to design an extension...

Steve & Sophie – Ringwood Nth

It was a great experience and was handled with great care. It could have been a stressful time with a toddler, newborn, two dogs & a home extension. But it was really good & we really love our new space and home.

Ryan & Lisa – Viewbank

We purchased in an area we loved & that was a major factor in making the decision to extend...we loved the idea of being able to create something that suited our needs.

Alex & Sam – Knoxfield

Right from the first phone call we found the whole team at Extensions Unlimited to be very attentive and professional. The Design Consultant listened to our requests, and came up with a design that suited our needs and existing construction. Once the work commenced, we had fairly tight deadlines due...

Brenda – Glen Waverley

Our initial contact with the company was great. The Design Consultant met us for our first appointment and listened to our ideas and came up with a design which was exactly what we were looking for. The process was very easy and construction started after only a few months of...

Michael & Natalie – Nunawading

Very happy with our upstairs extension. The company stood out from the very beginning in terms of customer service as well as promptness and clarity of communication.Our project was finished on time and within budget. Have to especially acknowledge our Project Manager and our Designer. Our Designer was very patient...

Harish – Essendon

We opted for Extensions Unlimited purely based on our experience with our Designer. We were impressed by his professionalism & conscientiousness in finding the best design for our needs. Moreover, we felt he was someone we could trust. In fact, all Extensions Unlimited staff members were professional & friendly, so...

Stephen & Kim – Glen Waverley

Excellent Project Management! Communication was always clear, precise, timely & trustworthy. The whole extension / renovation process was well handled and we enjoyed the journey.

Huei & Chin-Wei – Mount Waverley


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